Photography – Art, Composition and Meaning

Photography is considered an art. Photography tries to captures certain events and convey the meaning of these event to people. Photography and painting are art forms that have common foundation – imagination. It is said that, ‘Good photographs convey a significant message’.

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes amateur photographers make is not considering the composition of the photograph. A change in perspective and placing of the lens can make the difference between a forgettable photograph and a priceless one. Good composition is a must in superior photography but there are some famous photographers who violate all the rules of composition and still come out with excellent pictures. It is because they have a great knowledge of composition and know how and when to break it. So knowing the rules of composition is extremely valuable.

The key to good photography is to get the right ISO and depth of angle. A great photographer spends time to familiarize themselves with everything their camera is capable of, either by reading the manual or trying various settings when taking pictures. Lack of knowledge of the principle elements of photography means the photographer will not achieve his goal of becoming a great photographer. Someone with an expensive DSLR camera will not succeed in becoming a competent photographer without the right knowledge. Having the right knowledge of cameras, a passion to learnt, ability to connect with the events or particular place, and knowledge of how to connect with the viewers are key to great photography.

Macro photography is another well known type of photography. In simple terms it is a method of taking extremely close up pictures. This kind of photography is very interesting as it can highlight some simple but beautiful features of objects and many people specialize in macro photography.

With digital cameras, you can take thousands of pictures and there is no cost. This allows you to try out different things time and time again, so you learn how to take better and better photographs. Get down to their level when you photograph animals or other small objects. Use a plain background to create more contrast and effect. Move in close when you photograph flowers or animals. Lock the focus on an object so that it does not come out blurry. Try to know your flash range and above all -always be aware of the light.

Is Photography Art?

If so how is it so?

The above question is almost a rhetorical one for one special reason – you cannot muster up facts to support your claim. In other words there are no facts available at any level to answer the question. The sad point here is that it lies in the hands of opinion and opinion at any level is folly.

As an artist and a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago I have the proper credentials to speak on this topic. It is my conviction that photography is not art but does require artistic assistance in delivery. The main reason that I say this is due to the fact that a mechanical object (or electronic digital device) is the agent of photographic depiction not the human at any level. For anything to be a work of art it has to come from a human being.

Rather than view photographs as works of art it is more prudent to view photographs taken by an artist! For it is the artist that has that special mind or “eye” for that which is artistic, much in the same manner as a musician has and understanding and sensitivity to that which is musical.

What separates an artist from others is his or her ability to put things from various sources together and arrive at a new creation, in music we call this composing but it is the same thing. When I go to paint a canvas I compose by adding new strokes of paint from the brush. However, with the camera there is no such composition involved. The closest thing you have to composing with photography is the setting up of lighting and composition of the image. The actual task of imaging is done by the mechanism not by human hand.

I will not be so bold as to say that there is no artistic tasking in photography for there certainly is that, just to select and image is an artistry. But we must not confuse this with being an artist any more than saying that I am a doctor because while at a camp-out I was administering first-aid and treating the sick. What it boils down to is perspective – how you want to view things.

The artist possesses the acumen to create wonderful images through these mechanical objects. To pose the question “is a photographer and artist?” is folly for the question obviously bespeaks the answer! A photographer is a photographer not an artist.