Can Nature Photography Art Support Inner Peace?

I believe that photography reflects perception. The created images are intuitive responses to observed moments in life. The elements of the canvas are light and shadow which guarantee constant change and opportunities missed or captured. Photographers are always chasing the light.

However, I have also learned that the photographic vision and process can also be a metaphor for life. Vocabulary and techniques taught me the process of photography. The experience of a lens-eye-view through the camera also taught me a way to process life. When developing photographic composition, I would ask the question “What am I choosing to focus on?” When I looked away from the camera and asked the same question, I now had a tool for self-awareness, a catalyst for personal change, and a way to balance my life. Nature, in its magnificence and majesty, became the teacher. I became the student and was always aware that I was observing nature’s hidden curriculum. This curriculum is all around us and evokes our innate nature of goodness to see beauty, accept its teachable moments to develop our character, and to earn our esteem for its organization and diversity.

From experience, I have learned that despite life’s challenges, one can always choose attitudes and intentions. During stress, it is a choice to focus on a visual conveying peace. Doing do initiates a relaxation response within the body and breathing becomes easier and becomes deeper. Using this technique to disengage from the continuum of stressful moments allows one to respond to situations rather than react to them. Awareness of this choice-point opportunity in life allows one to demonstrate responsibility for oneself by developing the ability to respond rather then react to life. Nature photography art is one way to develop this technique to take care of oneself, to breathe, to appreciate, to respect, to honor both the self and others. When we take moments to focus on the innate goodness and beauty around us through nature photography art, we empower ourselves with our birthright of love. We balance our physical bodies with our breath as we choose and intentionally create peace within the self. Ultimately, perceptions of stress are re-created as perceptions of peace.

So, I challenge each reader to look, really look through the viewfinder of one’s personal life camera. What is the composition of your daily life created by your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs? What are your choices each day? What are you choosing to focus on during your days? What takes your energy? Do you have stress-filled days? Try pursuing nature photography art as a way to support a quest for inner peace or a tranquil or inspiring environment. Inspirational note cards as art can be a source of peace or healing for oneself or others. Art motivational posters can inspire active citizenship or inspire human potential. Nature photography art can provide an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and hope. Look for images and thoughts that inspire ¬

Each day we are born anew as an artist of life experiences. The world is our canvas and our thoughts, attitudes, intentions and beliefs are the brush strokes on our canvas. What does your canvas look like? When you view your life through the lens of your personal camera, what do you see? You are the creator of your life composition. You can compose your own life images. As John Denver once wrote: Welcome to my morning, welcome to my day. I’m the one responsible. I made it just this way. To make myself some pictures to see what they might bring. Yes, I think I made it perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Life. Composition. It is all a personal choice. Yes, nature photography art can be a tool to support inner peace. Let nature’s hidden curriculum be an inspiration as you develop your human potential.