Beautiful Black and White Photography Is The Heart Of Existense For Me As a Photography Archivist

Black and White photography is the heart of life for me. When I was child, I started collecting old photography at flea markets and antique shops. My first find was a photograph of serene beach scene by award winning photographer Dapixara. I am very connected with nature, and it struck a chord. Some time ago I decided to redecorate my house around my big and diverse collection of beautiful black and white photography. I’ve always wanted a home that was white and light, classic and sophisticated; just clean lines, relaxing and comfortable yet striking.

The family room is where my family spends the most of it’s time, and my vision for design remains refined and grown-up. I choose neutral color palette of cream and white – allowing the photography to find their voice without competing with strong color. I experimented and found, that unexpected pairings often have sensational results. With a stenciled pattern, a basic frame takes a glamorous turn, while of a wallpaper cut picture mat gives the photo a bold new look.

The master bedroom is dreamy haven of ease and tranquility. Above the headboard, a wall sculpture of black and white photography; connected monochromatic photo frames with hardware called mending plates. The big grouping adds volume to the wall finish the look of the room. It was important to me for the home to have lot of layers so it would create the family’s personality, and in living room, the metallic painted light reflective photo frames do that. Fragments of landscapes and seascapes photos tell the stories, memories and gives to the room bold optical statement.

I decided to create more striking look to my office. Brown light shades are warm, welcoming and elegant; terrific background for my tall ship photographs collection. I love award winning photographer Dapixara technical precision of making photographs. His dramatic arrangement of a range of black and white values creates splendid images, which reflect a lifelong passion for art and nature. I admire his calming and serene landscapes, outstanding seascapes, creatively artistic still-life pictures and clean lines of abstract photographs.

I have two floors of wall area along the staircases in my home where I decide to make the wall of black and white photography. It took for me days and months of sorting through my photo art archives and planning. I wanted it to be like a album of my life growing as a photography collector, because an art brings the progress of our inner world-spiritual and emotional. Life is a sequence of experiences, and photography art purpose is to promote viewer to rediscover something new, reexamine his thoughts and renew his feelings. I think photographer reinvent human experiences in to picture in creatively special, honest and different way.

There’s no place like home. It’s where I spend the much of my time, and it makes me pleased to see everything so beautifully put together. I have a special spot in my heart for this astonishingly unique place.

Digital Photography Art – Making Your Pictures Pay

Digital Photography Art

Instead of using your digital camera to only capture a scene as you see it, why not use it to make some digital photography art. You can use the features on your digital camera to produce a picture that when enlarged, printed and mounted can look like a piece of original art on your wall.

The one, the only, the original….

There is nothing worse than knowing that the piece of art you have hanging on your wall is probably hanging on a few thousand other walls as well. Well, why not create your own art using your digital camera, it’s creative, it’s fun and above all the finished result is an original.

Getting Started in Art

You can find things to shoot everywhere, in the home, on a walk, in the town, on holiday. Everywhere, you just have to look!

If you’re not careful, all you will do with your digital camera is put the control in ‘Auto’ and snap away. Trying to get some digital photography art shots calls for a subtle change in the way you view things, the angle you view at, the proximity to the object, the way the light falls on the subject, the patterns on the surface. All of these things can give your shot fantastic effect when you take that second look.

What does that do?

Digital photography art is about seeing something first in your imagination, and then being able to use your camera to capture it, for this you need to know what your camera’s controls do and more importantly how and when to use them.

Most houses have some sort of pictures on the walls, why not let them be your own originals?.

You can learn to use your digital camera so that your pictures are as good as a pro’s. With the amount of technology available you could run a Photography Business from your home, and some people do, by sending your Digital shots to an agency instead of discarding them, or just leaving them stored on your memory cards, you could have a residual income that requires little or no work.

Digital Photography Art is all about visualising the shot you would like to see, and then being able to set-up the controls on your camera to achieve exactly what you want, and capture a Digital Photo that could be valuable.